A wedding ring is something that will be worn for the rest of your lives – it commands taking the time to make the right selection. Whether the proposal is to be a surprise or the bride-to-be will be involved in the decision, here are a few points to consider when selecting an engagement ring.

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For the Bride

Let us help you find the style that she’ll say “yes” to!

Yellow Gold VS. White Gold
Which type is right for her?

Setting Style
Three popular options exist for how the stone or stones will be set in the rings.

Setting with Side Stones
Three-Stone setting

How to Choose if You’re Planning a Surprise Proposal

  • Take notice of her existing jewelry. Is it primarily yellow or white?
  • If she wears rings, what is her preference of style?
  • Is she active? If so, select a setting that will protect the diamond – such as cathedral or contour.

Determining Ring Size

  • Borrow one of her rings (make sure it fits the right finger!) and bring it in to determine the size
  • If you are unable to determine the correct size, have no worries! Just bring the ring back to Tobin and we’ll resize it for free!

The Wedding Ring Set

Some engagement/wedding band sets are designed to fit together. This is ideal for women who like symmetry. Other women prefer to choose a ring that does not identically match the engagement ring. Wedding bands can range from 18K gold or platinum bands to diamond embedded bands.

For the Groom

Let’s not forget about the groom! Men’s rings are of equal importance, although not quite as involved as a woman’s ring.

Yellow Gold VS. White Gold
Which type is right for him?

Ring Thickness
The horizontal measurement of a piece of jewelry as measured across the widest area on the top:

Plain Metal Bands vs. Channel-Setting
Grooms may choose between bands that are exclusively metal or bands that are channel-set with diamonds within in the band.

To Match or Not to Match
Some couples prefer matching men’s and women’s wedding rings, while others select rings that match each other’s personal characteristics.

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